The server upkeep cost is 2,99€/month for 10Go disk space (7,5Go can be used for the database)

I might have to upscale it in the future, here are the specs : 20Go disk space 5,99/month | 40Go disk space 11,99/month, each one offering better performance

I can also add a disk without improving the performance : 50 Go costs and additionnal 5€/month | 100Go +10€/month | 200Go +15€/month | 500Go +30€/month

Top donators - Total funds for osu!daily : -11.5€ Taxes included ; please note that i will still pay for the server whatever happens
If you want to participate, send funds to on Paypal ! :) I will activate hourly tracking for all donators
1290ms29,00 €
2YaourtGG10,00 €
3xasuma4,92 €
4goheegy1,50 €
5Emerald-chan1,50 €
6Catgirl1,50 €
7ximeli1,50 €
8n1doking1,50 €
9lxLucasxl1,50 €
10Karma1,50 €

I also give major thanks to -Akio- who was there when I started to share the project and otaku-overclocks dev team members who are a great help! <3

4,747 users for a total of 2,319,947 records. (5.61 GB of diskspace left) Contact me
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