Thank you a lot for your interest in supporting me !

If you want to help, you can send any amount at the paypal account that is used to pay for the fees, which is none other than my own !

>Support here <

Please make sure to let me know so I can add you to the donators list !

For transparency, here is the total funds (donations and ads minus fees) of the website : 200.33€

Thanks to generous patreons, it is easier for me to know exactly what can be spent on the website !

Monthly cost total with tax : 13,30€ (12€ servers + 1,30€ domain yearly prorata) | Patreons : ~34,00€ (41$)

Thanks to the patreons, I'm able to save for a server that will be way beyond what a VPS can offer in terms of storage and performance!!

Of course the donations can't cover this cost alone, but thanks to ads and personal contributions I can hope to buy it in the next few months :eyes:

Update : I'm planning to buy the server as soon as possible, especially following the events at OVH ; I'm hoping for april, if the prices go back to something affordable !

How the money is spent :

Dogecoin: D5SZT7XZQvRqz2wnBAduvsdhCpuE4hAx1c