Thank you a lot for your interest in supporting me !

The server + the domain name cost a total of 5,99€ per month.

If you want to help, you can send any amount at the paypal account that is used to pay for the fees, which is none other than my own !

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Please make sure to let me know so I can add you to the donators list !

For transparency, here is the total funds (donations - fees) of the website : 20.66€

Thanks to generous patreons, it is easier for me to know exactly what can be spent on the website !

Monthly cost total with tax : 8,48€ (7,18€ server + 1,30€ domain) | Patreons : ~10,00€ (13$ - fees - taxes)

How the money is spent :

2020-05-7.12€2x Serveur 20Go + TVA
2020-04-7.12€2x Serveur 20Go + TVA
2020-03-7.12€2x Serveur 20Go + TVA
2020-02-7.12€2x Serveur 20Go + TVA